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Fiona Scott

Alamo Heights J High School8

San Antonio, TX | Bexar County


July 13, 2014

Can't wait for the school year to start. I have an incoming 6th grader and she is thrilled to be at the Junior School. Name another middle school where students are excited to attend. I love that there is so much to offer. Great athletics. fabulous fine arts, and a ton of extra-curricular clubs like academic UIL to Destination Imagination to Robotics. I love what they are doing there! PS - the teachers are strong and caring and the Admin is fabulous! Again, can't wait for the year to start.

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May 1, 2014

My daughter entered the 8th grade in Alamo Heights Middle School. Meeting the teachers during the first weeks of school was a great opportunity for us parents. I was impressed with the quality of the teachers! I loved the fact I met all the teacher, knew their expectations, and their contact information. My daughters averages in all the subjects were above previous years due to the fact she enjoyed her teaches. The principal is AWESOME. He personally came to introduce himself the day we registered! and lastly, I went to one PTO meeting to see if they needed parent volunteers but to my surprise there was more parents than they needed!

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August 26, 2013

Alamo Heights Junior School works hard to make sure ALL students are successful. Whether you are a high achiever and participating in our academic UIL programs or a struggling student trying to hide in the shadows...you will be noticed by a teacher or administrator and they will do their best to engage with you. The academic standards are continuing to rise as students are prepared for ever more challenging work at the next level. Social struggles that are common at this age are aggressively addressed, not ignored. Parents are engaged and are asked to help be a part of the solution. I am far more impressed with our public school than I am with the regional private schools. I just wish our government supported public education fully. Please use your influence to support public education that is already paid for by tax dollars without diverting funds to charter schools or vouchers. Public school works and is an essential part of a democratic society!

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August 23, 2013

Alamo heights junior school is a creative, exciting place to learn. They have the most caring, well educated teachers. The atmosphere is fun and very inclusive. They do a great job with the kids.

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August 22, 2013

Hurray for a great Junior School experience! This will be our son's 8th grade year and so far he has had excellent classroom instruction in his GT classes and well-rounded opportunities with school athletics, the strings program and student service clubs, such as NJSH and the Tutor Outreach Program (TOP). He will be prepared to be a High School student by the end of this school year, thanks to the leadership of the strong administration, teachers and staff.

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August 22, 2013

Alamo Heights is a great school district. The parents are very involved in all of the schools and work very well with the faculty and staff. This is made possible by the leaders of the school that are committed to making our experiences the best that they can be. Parents and students fill out reviews of the classes and teachers each year and I have personally seen changes made for the better from our feedback. The teachers are really committed to our students and want them to succeed. All in all we have had a great experience in Alamo Heights.

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August 22, 2013

AHJS has awesome teachers and staff. They work closely with all the students to ensure the best education around. Over thirty percent of our district is on the free and reduced lunch plan provided by the state, however we have an extremely high graduation rate with over 95% of our graduating seniors attending college. Lives are changed at AH. It is truly a great school. Dr. Jones our principal is very in touch with the student body and is a true leader on campus. The parental involvement at AH is what makes our district unique. WE truly are one of a kind.

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March 2, 2013

It was ok. I used to go to school here. Its really hard to fit in if you're new unless you know people. There's a big bullying problem and most of the kids here are very elitist and rude. I didn't like it because of the bullying and some of the teachers were awful. Its all about looks and money there. If you don't dress nice you'd be bullied and be an outcast. The regular classes are terrible and only the GT classes offer quality education. I would NOT recomend AHJS. -Former Student

November 3, 2012

AHJS was good for someone who likes easy classes and a big student body. It seemed that most people who "fit in" were pretentious and snooty. Anyone who was not rich or white, was an immediate outcast. In order to make the sports teams, your family had to be connected to the school financially. I was amazed at how excluding the students could be. I would not recommend this school, I left last year.

October 22, 2012

i been transferred to this school and i love it. Everyone is so helpful, kind and polite. The school has lots of stuff to get involved with. Dr jones the principal is so nice, i really like him. I love this school and recomed to take your child to this junior school. GO MULES - 6th grade student

October 12, 2012

As a parent of a student who transferred mid-year from out-of-state, I am mostly pleased with the atmosphere and academics of this school. To be honest, I had reservations about moving to this affluent district, but overall the students and families are down-to-earth. Yes, there are groups of students who my child says make a display of their wealth in an attempt to make others feel inadequate, it's true. Fortunately, the norm seems to be students who are focused on education and are polite and kind. The teachers, with the exception of one, have all been great. When we had a problem with a demeaning and demoralizing math teacher, we followed protocol, talked with the counselor, and got our child out of that class. The counselor and the teachers are open to communication and have helped our child transition to this school. Academically, the advanced courses are on par with our previous district. The band is superior. There are many opportunities at AHJS for those who choose to take them. Given the options in San Antonio, AHISD is a good place to offer your child a solid education. My child is happy, eager to go to school and to learn; her response is the best endorsement.

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December 18, 2011

I currently attend this school, and the GT classes are great. In the advanced and grade level classes, there are a lot more disruptions. There is a LOT OF peer pressure, cliques, prejudice, and bullying on anything from race, affluency, intelligence, and your definitely ostracized if your not a rich, blond haired, blue eyed anglo girl, and the administration does nothing about it. The social environment is terrible, and the academic environment is only good if your in GT classes. -Current 7th Grade Student

December 14, 2011

Horrible principal. She is a total snob and she gossips about the kids. She is friends with some of the parents and tries to fit in socially. A total social climber that does not care to resolve the issues she is causing. PRINCIPAL KERSHNER HAS TO GO

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April 8, 2011

Wow, as a parent, taxpayer and additional financial supporter of the district and specifically AHJS, I happen to stumble on this site. I think all the schools in our district do an amazing job. The negative remarks regarding ahjs are obviously from a bitter and hurt parent. Maybe they could pull themselves up by the bootstraps and teach their children how to over come instead of sit UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES, no matter what they may be. America and our own community is about forging new solutions when times get you down. Stop complaining and look at the bright side. YOU HAVE AN EXCELLENT FREE EDUCATION no matter where you go to school. There are always ways to improve, so why not llook into being a part of that instead of part of the "whining"!!

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August 16, 2010

Not a very positive environment. They have tons of great technology, but not much time to use it, too many clowns. The teachers are pretty good, but they don't do anything about the misbehavior in the halls and stuff. There is a lot of snobbiness, and racism. You can't participate in any of the extracurricular stuff unless you have money. If you don't they offer scholarships that EVERY body ends up knowing about, and teasing about. The principal seems to be snob too, only talks to the wealthy white kids, which there are ALOT of here. They have a councelor that is totally lame and awkward, she cries everytime she talks about kids, and she gossips about the kids who have problems with the other kids! You should consider going somewhere else if you aren't rich and white.

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